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. gop challenger mitt romney choosing not to push bolivia situation with president obama. he thinks mr. romney missed an opportunity to win this thing. >> i think you could have done it in and authoritative way. as an american citizen, i would like to know what happened there. i would like to know about when jay carney did the same thing. i do not want to see for americans slaughtered anywhere. dagen: to mr. o'reilly's point, he made a prediction, if romney won the debate decisively, he would be the next president. he did not. what is my next guest think about this? he just travel to libya last month following the deadly attack to the u.s. consulate. congressman, good to see you. should mr. romney had demanded tougher answers. >> i think that romney did exactly what he needed to do. he definitely talked about how to bring together the economy and foreign affairs and in a way that only that romney could. pointing out the failures of the obama administration and the fact that we cannot afford four more years of administration under barack obama. dagen: you did not want more detailed answ
: thank you. president obama and mitt romney preparing to face off in the third and final presidential debate. the key swing state proves to be a close battle this year. the latest fox news poll shows romney surging and not leading the president. neil cavuto joins us from that very state. hey, neil. neil: hey, dagen. dagen: what will be the focus of the debate tonight? do you think romney will try to move back to, say, domestic issues? you can make it about the american economy and our debt. you can take the middle east and make it about energy supply and our country. neil: i definitely think the economy, he will try to wedge it in. he will constantly pound on the notion that our economic consequences of all this that and everything else have made us and our own security as a compromise did that is something he will likely pound tonight. expect him to leave in their. this pending fiscal cliff, expect to hear a great deal about how that compromises our national security. if i were mitt romney, of course, it would be obvious. even if i were the president, it would be obvious. our own sec
much. >> so president obama and governor romney will be duking it out over their foreign policy in tonight's debate and if you are wondering how it directly impacts you, ask yourself how much you paid the last time you filled up your tank. which candidate is better for your wallet when it comes to energy? here to weigh in t boone pickens, current chairman and ceo of bp capital management and legend in general. boone thank you very much for coming on. we appreciate your time. let's get right to it. whose foreign policy do you think translates to lower energy prices? >> well, foreign policy is as you know -- is an energy policy combined because you're getting oil from opec, 4 1/2 million barrels a day. so which one of the candidates? obama has got it right that we have a lot of natural gas in america, and we should use it. but he talks about it, but he never comes up with a policy. he never has a plan. if you look over at romney, he says that, you know, we have plenty of natural gas. we have other resources, he said. we have more oil and we're adding to our oil production greater
will top the $1 billion mark. resident obama and mitt romney storming the campaign trail raising a billion dollars a piece. how is that possible in such a lousy economy? we talk strategy and how they may spend that money, the remainder of it with monica crowley. apple's disappointment. the ceo blaming the rumor mill for killing ipad sales. could this man be our next treasury secretary? stanford professor john taylor on how to balance our nation's books. the economy in the third quarter growing just slightly better than expected, arriving at a 2% annual rate. that was up from second-quarter growth from 1.3%. how are investors reacting to that? stocks now and every 15 minutes. nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. nicole: good morning, everybody. when you look more closely into the number and then maybe people have been doing exactly that and that is why we have a negative number here on wall street for the dow jones industrials. this gain came from americans using their own income, buying products and services. that is not the case. the formula is comprised of several factors, o
than her present job. that is nice way of saying she's done. a matter of time. obama gets reelected probably will be imminently. if romney gets in there they wait until they pick someone else to be there for a couple more months until her term ends in early next year. when that term ends it's going to be without one of biggest issues being dealt with and that this bizarre -- people out there, average people should know, when you buy and trade a stock the price you get is not reflective of something that occurred on the new york stock exchange or nasdaq or some transparent market. it could have been goldman sachs making that trade. credit suisse, black pools, is what these things are known. this is trading desk where they can actually acts as a market. it is kind of scary. maybe that is a good thing. maybe that competition is good. she did not explain, she has not explained that. still hasn't explained why it is good. lori: we'll talk more about this. >> you look --. lori: i look rushed. melissa is in california. i've got you here. adam in north california. a lot of moving parts. you
that might change their vote in november. >> i voted for obama before, and he gave was us a big change ine wrong way. >> what is it like for your budget to pay the higher gas prices these days? >> it is pretty hard. it is hard. >> who is paying for it? it is actually not the gas station. americans for prosperity, a group of washington, d.c., area backed by the coke brothers, prominent republican donors are paying for the price difference between the $1.84 and national average $3.62. i spoke earlier today with the new jersey state director and here's what he had to say. >> you can see how people are willing to line up early to say 10, 15, $20 on a tank of gas. this administration doesn't understand that. it has not gone up accidentally. it is a deliberate effort to drive up the cost of energy to all americans. >> this is part of a 13 state campaign to get out the word of the price difference between four years ago and today. drivers were just excited about getting a nice price break. dagen: i love how people in jersey complain about the gas prices because gas tax as a solo, much lower than
's as sent half the -- assessment of current economic conditions. president obama dei will at thatting plans to bring the economy back to life but it might be too little too late. can governor romney one up him with less than two weeks to go to election day. we were talking specifically with bill o'donnell. remember he said no one knows how to play the long end of the curve. how do you factor in inflation expectations with our fiscal policy? 2.92% is your yield. we're back with more after this. you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank. >> i'm adam shapiro with your fox business brief. wall street is swinging between gains and losses ahead of the federal reserve's latest monetary policy decision do you out next hour. the central bank
release after the bell? the trade is next. melissa: what has changed since president obama took office in 2008? gas prices, that's one. why some stations are going retro to protest and looks at some of today's winners and losers today. akamai up 7% on the day. we'll be right back. 0t[h7 man otv: ...rbis and 36 homers. swings at the first pitch and fouls it deep back into the stands. [ding] [fans whirring] announcer: chill raw and prepared foods protly. one in 6 americans will get sick from food poisoning this year. check your steps at melissa: while apple is grabbing most of the headlines for today's earnings two other big names, amazon and expedia are reporting after the bell. here is today's trade is sandra smith. >> apple not giving a bump to the nasdaq. just skirting the flat line here. take a look, after the bell tonight, we've got, a stock $228 a share. right now they're forecast to put out earnings of a loss of eight cents a share. but their revenues are supposed to be up in the double digits as far as earnings revenue growth. analysts like it at this
's presidential campaign is on track to be the most expensive in history. president obama and mitt romney have raised a combined $1.7 billion so far according to fundraising reports. now that price tag jumps over $2 billion. if you add donations to the super-pac and nonprofit groups that run election related ads, they can expect to see the front of the spending as they continue to get blitzed with phone calls, even a door to door knocking campaign. speaking of political fundraising, charlie gasparino is down in texas at a barbecue fundraiser. doesn't sound like a normal place you'd see him hanging out. something tells from his travel down south rubbing shoulders with financial highfliers. charlie, are you wearing a cowboy hat? >> i'm actually wearing a new york yankees baseball cap. it was quite an event. people don't realize this, dell is a major home the financial services industry. the major firm has offices down here. one of the guys is that they can be financial crisis, there is a good play. pretty good numbers at the fundraiser, barbecue is actually pretty good. the financial types are l
is out. if obama wins, he is still out. if bernanke is out, what happens to the markets, axel? >> they all want to move away from an inflation target towards an -- target. if we get a republican administration, what that means is we will test bernanke's hypothesis that rates can be raised. what does that mean? we have so much leverage in the economy. it means that interest rates will go up. that means we will face major headwinds in the economy. what that means, also, we will go right back into recession. we will have to lower interest rates again. we have a very volatile. ahead. look at europe. europe cannot afford high interest rates. we have the same, if not worse problems ahead. connell: it sound like you are challenging the assertion if romney wins it is good for the market and the economy. you are saying that it is just not that simple. you are saying it is not that simple, it is all about who runs the fed. >> it is much more important because ultimately even if we get a romney administration, we will have different monetary policies. earlier in the 80s, we simply cannot
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10